Planning Page

Organizers- Saffie and Emma

Who wants to make a word thread?

This really is not that important but if anybody has any good ideas for the colors please tell Emma and I (Saffie).

For the elements of design, I belive we should do a few things. First, the titles for every page should be this color (#9c9f04). Also the titles are going to be a size 220% font size. For regular writing, same colors as written, and at 100%. Anything that is important should be in black (#000000) or a bright color like light blue (#01dada). All of this is in Arial.

Original Media:
For original media, could a few people make audios? Also, if anyone can draw, you can do tat too. If you have any ideas, post them here. We could also do an audio of one of Lonnie's poems or do one of those newspaper article things on his poem. We could also do a slide show
of the plot of the book.

Reading Schedule

Thursday, March 5th

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Thursday, March 12th

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Thursday, March 19th

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